Meet Yang Zhao

I am a front-end developer with deep understanding of how the web works. I build cross browser compatible websites that are up to current web standards. I enjoy working with people, having fun, brainstorming and pushing the boundaries of the internet as far as they can go. While I am not working, I ramble about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Algorithm @ geniuscarrier.com, and dive into the Open Source community. You can typically find me @geniuscarrier on Github and StackOverflow.


Available on Chrome WebStore

My Skill Set

Life In Bay Area

I live in bay area, California. It has great food and a nice weather. When I am not creating websites, I go to new places, read books, watch movies, listen music and hangout with friends. Eating is a big part of my life, not only because my wife is a very good chef, but also we both love exploring new restaurants. I am also a big fan of Pro Evolution Soccer: a video game for true soccer lover. You can find me on all popular social channels @geniuscarrier.


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